corner ground edge of home shows gravel and drainage pipes portion of residential waterproofing system by Sitework Developing Inc in Chagrin Falls Ohio

A wet basement is more than a nuisance. It equals lost living and storage space. Also, wet basement floors and walls can lead to mold growth and even foundation damage over time. We understand how overwhelming these issues may seem. If you’re tempted to call a basement waterproofing company near Cleveland, this article may help you understand the real cause of your issues. A waterproofing company may cost you thousands and fail to fix the real problem. In addition, a simple, less costly repair may be the only fix you need. Before you pick up that phone, consider the possible causes of water in your basement.

5 Main Causes of Wet Basements in Ohio

In order to make sure your water problems don’t keep coming back, you’ll need to fix the underlying cause or causes. Not all waterproofing installation contractors actually identify the source of water first. Sitework Developing, though, emphasizes fixing what is truly wrong.  Here are the five most common sources of water in your home’s basement.

1. Your Yard’s Grading Needs Attention

The first rule for a dry basement is good (positive) drainage away from the foundation. Grading refers to your yard’s water flow. A properly graded yard directs the flow of water away from your home and away from your foundation. Often, poor grading leads to water in basements. In these cases, you’ll want to call a waterproofing company with excavating and landscaping skills, first.

2. Gutters and Downspout Piping Need Cleaning or Repairs

Even with proper grading, plugged gutters can cause big, wet problems. Indeed, they can cause water to overflow along foundation walls. Luckily, these problems are very easy to spot and inexpensive to repair. A lot of these issues you may even be able to repair on your own. In addition to what you can easily see by just walking around and looking at the downspout piping on the outside of your house, there is just as much going on below grade. A broken downspout pipe can cause water to sit and pool around the foundation. Because this type of piping is underground, it can be trickier to inspect. Through pipe exploration and sometimes very minor repairs thousands less can be spent in comparison to a complete waterproofing system.  As a result, they are worth exploring before investing in a complete waterproofing system.

3. Footer Tiles Need Cleaning

In the Cleveland, Ohio area, 99% of homes have footer tiles. These “tiles” are actually perforated piping. The home builder installed these around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. Ideally, footer tiles intercept groundwater and divert it to an area lower than your basement floor. Some footer tiles direct the water into a sump pump which then pumps it away from your foundation. Over time, roots, dirt, or silt can all clog them. These clogged pipes leave water nowhere to run but into your basement walls. Again, this possibility warrants consideration before you invest in a new waterproofed basement.

4. The Main Storm Pipe Needs Repaired or Replaced

A clogged or broken main storm pipe, in our experience, is the most common cause of a wet basement. During heavy rain, all the downspouts and footer tiles run into one main pipe. This pipe’s job is to direct the water off of the property, away from your house. If your main storm pipe is smashed or clogged, however, the water cannot exit as planned. Instead, all the downspout water backs up around the exterior of the basement walls, or it comes up through the floor drains. This problem can usually be repaired the same day as the diagnosis.

5. Your Home’s Waterproofing System Needs Replacing

Last, but not least, a deteriorated existing waterproof system may be the cause of your wet basement troubles. After years of exposure to extensive moisture from clogged or broken pipes and/or poor grading, a broken-down waterproofing system can no longer keep even regular levels of moisture out. At this point, installing a complete waterproofing system is usually the only answer.  This prevents even further foundation damage, though, and even costlier repairs.

Sitework Developing Discovers and Fixes the Real Cause of Your Wet Basement

The team at Sitework Developing does not want to sell you a waterproofing system.  (Don’t worry.  We happily will if it’s truly needed!) Instead, we want to solve your water problems!  That’s why we do a thorough investigation of your situation before we make a recommendation.  We’ll take the following steps when water problems strike your home:

  1. First, we’ll evaluate your yard’s grading. If improvements are needed, we’ll make recommendations to keep the problem from re-occurring in the future.
  2. Next, we’ll explore your drainage system. We’ll check your gutters and downspouts and clean them out if needed.
  3. Then we’ll explore your in-ground pipes and footer tiles. We’ll use a Camera Snake in your pipes and footer tiles to find the problem.
  • If pipes are clogged with dirt, we’ll use our jet snake to clean them for you.
  • Roots in the pipe will be cut out using either a high-pressure jet snake or a rotary cutting tip.
  • If pipes are broken, we’ll know the exact location to dig and repair. Many pipe repairs can be done the same day!

Same-day Fixes for Clogged and Broken Pipes are Often a Possibility with Sitework Developing

Many times, Sitework Developing offers you the ability to diagnose the problem and fix it on the same day.  In addition, we’re a one-stop-shop once the problem is identified.  Unlike other companies who only install waterproofing systems, we service the entire situation.  From grading to pipe repairs and cleaning, we have all the equipment to fix your water problem.

If you need a complete waterproofing system, we offer the best in the industry.

If your grading and drainage system are corrected and water continues to enter your basement, a complete waterproofing system will be your answer.  At Sitework Developing, we’re so confident that our system is the best in the industry that we offer a lifetime, transferrable warranty!

  • 3-phase commercial grade system
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Transferrable Warranty

Don’t let your little water problem turn into a big, expensive one.  Call Sitework Developing today for your free consultation.

With 30 years of experience, we know how to properly diagnose and fix the five main causes of wet basements.  We offer free consultations, so Contact Us today.