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Foundation Repair Services Near Cleveland

Foundation cracks can strike fear in any home or business owner, but there’s no need to panic.  Not all cracks spell significant trouble.   And for foundation cracks that do need attention, the crew at Sitework Developing is here to help. As foundation repair contractors, we have 25 years of experience repairing foundations for homes and businesses in the Cleveland area.  We pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time, too.  If you’ve spotted a crack in your foundation or notice that a crack seems to be growing or sagging floors, Sitework Developing invites you to call our team of foundation repair experts.

Comprehensive Foundation Repairs Near Cleveland

All foundation repairs begin with understanding the source of the problem.  Some foundation issues are caused by external soil or drainage issues, while others may be caused by structural failings.  No matter the cause, our team has the experience to diagnose and fix your foundation problems. This approach also means we can save you thousands of dollars by catching and repairing minor cracks and foundation problems before more costly repairs are needed.  Our foundation repair services include all of the following:

Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair Specialists in Northeast Ohio

With a full range of excavation equipment, Sitework Developing can tackle any size of foundation repair project.  In our 30+ years of business, we’ve helped both homes and businesses around Cleveland assess and fix their foundation problems.  

Understanding Foundation Cracks and When to Call

Foundation cracks come in all different shapes and sizes.  For example, there are horizontal, vertical, and step cracks.  Not all are serious.  In fact, some occur naturally as concrete settles and encounters changes in weather.  However, some cracks signal serious structural problems, and they need to be repaired before they progress further.  Below we discuss some of the most common types of foundation cracks and general guidelines about when it’s time to call in the experts.  

  • Single Vertical Foundation Cracks: Monitor Closely

Vertical foundation cracks (ones that run up and down) usually signal your foundation is settling–as long as there is only one of them. The appearance of these types of cracks is normal in the first year of a new home. Also, shrinkage cracks sometimes appear while the concrete cures. In order to get a solid foundation and chemical mixture, they have to settle. Once they develop together, a solid foundation and strong chemical mixture will emerge. Make sure you keep an eye on the vertical cracks. If a vertical crack keeps getting bigger, call us to have it assessed.  Likewise, if you can slide a dime into the crack, you should have a professional assess it.  A Sitework Developing crew can evaluate your vertical foundation cracks to make sure your foundation is properly settled.


  • Multiple Vertical Foundation Cracks: Call Foundation Repair Experts 

If you notice more than one vertical foundation crack, especially on adjacent walls, you need to seek immediate help from foundation experts.  Multiple vertical cracks can signal a significant structural failing in your foundation.  Such failings require extensive excavation and repair. At Sitework Developing, we have the excavation equipment and experience no matter the size of the foundation repair job.  Thus, even in such scenarios, we’re the team to call for help.


  • Horizontal Foundation Cracks: Call a Foundation Specialist

Horizontal foundation cracks (cracks that run side-to-side) are a serious problem that you need to get checked out. These cracks often indicate that hydrostatic water from the outside pushing up against the foundation walls. Left untreated, your foundation will be in trouble! Heavy rainstorms or extreme flooding cause intense water pressure and form cracks. Get these repaired instantly before more expensive home and foundation repairs become your reality.

  • Step Foundation Cracks: Call a Foundation Specialist

These foundation cracks run vertically and horizontally along the lines of cinder blocks and/or bricks.  As a result, they end up looking like steps.  Often, these cracks allow water to enter your basement, so you’ll want them fixed right away.  Also, cracks in the cinder blocks themselves are serious and demand immediate attention to prevent further damage to your foundation.

  • Visible Masonry Walls Cracks: Monitor and Consider Calling Foundation Repair Specialist

Whatever occurs on the inside of walls can be an indication of what’s going on somewhere outside.  Thus, visible masonry wall cracks should not be ignored.  Monitor them for any signs of growth, and consider call a foundation specialist to check your internal and external wall situation.  Like many other small cracks, these can develop into larger problems if left unattended.

  • Growing Foundation Cracks of Any Kind: Call Foundation Repair Experts

Finally, no matter the type or location of a foundation crack, if it continues to grow, you need to get it assessed by the experts.  An easy way to keep on an eye on foundation cracks is through the use of tape.  Place a piece of tape on each end of the crack. If the crack grows beyond your tape, it’s time to give Sitework Developing a call to have it assessed.  We recommend you monitor both outdoor foundation cracks, as well as cracks in your basement walls.  

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Foundation Repairs that Fix the REAL Problem

When it comes to repairing foundation cracks, you have to fix the problem at the source.  Don’t settle for inexperienced foundation repair contractors who simply chisel a groove into the crack and fill it with cement. Such a solution may offer a cosmetic fix or a temporary water barrier, but it will not solve your problem long term.  At Sitework, our goal is to fix the foundation crack at the source.  As experienced site developers, we understand how drainage systems and grading impact foundation health as well. Thus, our team offers the unique approach of assessing beyond your home or business’s foundation to ensure that the problem won’t happen again after we complete the repairs. Finally, we have the equipment and experience to address small, simple crack repairs to major foundation excavation and repairs.  We give your home or business the personalized care it needs for a solid foundation.

Superior Service

As members of the Cleveland community for 25 years, we hire and train your neighbors. As a result, you’ll know whom to contact with your questions as your foundation repair project progresses.  You can also count on our crew to offer an honest assessment of what work needs to be done and receive a free estimate. We’ll only recommend work that is absolutely necessary to get your home in prime condition.  We won’t tack on any extra services to drive the price up either. After all, as your neighbors, we believe in treating you as we’d like to be treated.  Finally, if your foundation repairs require significant digging, you can count on us to repair your lawn and landscaping when we’re done. In short, Sitework Developing doesn’t just get the job done right the first time, we treat you right during the process, too.

Call the Best Foundation Repair Contractors Near Cleveland

Don’t let foundation cracks worry you and keep you up at night. Sitework has been involved in some of the area’s most unique foundation projects.  A simple solution can prevent further damage from occurring.  Call Sitework Developing for a full assessment of your foundation’s health.  Our free estimates answer your questions and allow you to plan for the long-term health of your home’s or business’s foundation.