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At Sitework Developing Inc,. we have over 25 years of experience answering and fixing excavation, drainage, and waterproofing issues for Northeast Ohio home and business owners.  Below, our FAQ page aims to help you get a quick reference, and sometimes additional links to more information to help you find the right excavation and waterproofing company near Cleveland to fix your water and drainage problems.

  • Are all foundation cracks bad for my home?

    No! Small expansion cracks are common, and usually, don’t pose problems in the structure.

  • How do I convert from septic to city sewer in Ohio?

    Converting your sewer from a septic system to a city sewer tie-in is a complicated process. The city or county will require pre-plan approval, as well as several inspections during and after the installation process.

    Sitework Developing Inc. works the entire process for clients, from plan to final approval to streamline the experience for the homeowner.

  • How do I know if my underground pipes are clogged?

    The first sign is usually standing water in your yard or water seeping into your basement.  To really know if you have clogged or broken pipes, camera snaking offers you the best results. Camera snaking involves inserting a camera into the targeted pipe by a flexible cable.  We then can view what’s in the pipes on a television-like screen to and assess exactly where the blockage is occurring and what the source of the blockage it. The most common offenders we find are tree roots, along with soil and debris that has collected in the pipes over time.

  • How long does it take to grade a yard?

    For residential properties, typically a couple days. For larger lots, the average is between 3-5 days. At Sitework, we can develop a unique plan for your lot, and give you accurate estimates of time for your project!

  • How often do I need to replace my sump pump?

    A sump pump’s longevity depends on the type, the size, and the workload it’s handling.  As a general rule of thumb, expect your sump pump to need replacing every 5-7 years. Your sump pump may last longer with proper sump pump maintenance. At Sitework Developing, we offer sump pump repairs, replacement, upgrades, and maintenance plan to help you prevent a sump pump failure from occurring. We also provide sump pump installation for new builds and for any home whose sump pump may not be adequately serving their needs due to changing development around them.

  • What caused the cracks in my foundation?

    There are many causes of foundation cracks. Sometimes, the soil around your foundation settles and causes cracks. Other times, pressure on your home’s foundation can cause cracks. Finally, poor water drainage can allow water to linger around your foundation and cause cracks. No matter the cause, we can assess and offer solutions to make sure no further damage occurs after we fix your foundation problems. Check out our foundation repair services page for more great information about understanding the causes of your foundation cracks.

  • What cities does Sitework Developing service?

    Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio we travel to many areas in the Northeast Ohio area.  Specifically, our service are is a 60-mile radius. This means we’re often helping homes and businesses located in Aurora, Solon, Bainbridge, Beachwood, Twinsburg, Mayfield Heights, Rocky River, Gates Mills, Shaker Heights, Lyndhurst, Orange, Pepper Pike, Hudson, Stow, and more.  Not sure if we service your area? Please give us a call at (440) 543-7551.

  • What is basement waterproofing?

    Well, it depends on who you ask!  If you call one of those basement waterproofing experts, you’ll get an answer that involves waterproofing the interior of your basement.  If, however, you call Sitework Developing, you’ll get a more involved answer. Basement waterproofing requires working from the outside for the best results.  Your yard’s grade and drainage pipes are your first line of waterproofing your home. Then, an exterior waterproofing system around your foundation gives further protection for the outside elements. 

  • What is yard grading and why do I need it?

    Yard grading is the process of leveling or smoothing your yard’s soil base to make sure water flows away from your foundation.  Fine grading also helps remove rocks and hard clumps of soil so your vegetation can thrive. Without proper yard grading, you may experience water in your basement and/or a soggy yard.  Both of those problems can lead to more expensive problems down the line for your home and landscaping. To learn more, check out our yard grading services page.

  • What is your project turnaround time?

    Of course, it depends on the size and scope of the project. Some projects such as grading, drainage, and waterproofing typically take a few days.  Residential drain clogs and repairs, however, can often be diagnosed and repaired the same day!  We offer free quotes and time estimates for each project, so you’ll know up front what timeframe you’re looking at before we start!

  • What kind of foundation crack needs attention?

    Cracks come in different shapes, sizes, and orientations. Our Foundation Services Near Cleveland page offers a good overview of the different types and why you need to call in for some expert foundation help.  For a quick reference, cracks that you can generally squeeze the edge of a dime into are more serious.  Also, if you have foundation cracks coupled with a wet basement, we suggest you consult a professional. We offer on-site assessment and free estimates to help you assess your foundation crack. If you’re concerned, it’s better to have the foundation crack assessed sooner rather than later. The peace of mind you gain can be priceless!

  • What services do you provide?

    Our experienced team offers excavation, grading, and site development for homes and businesses.  In addition, we install and repair both residential and commercial drainage systems and septic systems.  This includes pipe exploration, pipe cleaning, and repairs to keep water flowing properly on your property.  We also install commercial-grade waterproofing systems for homes and businesses. In short, we help prepare sites and ensure that your water and waste systems flow as they should in order to protect your foundation.  If your foundation needs attention, we can repair that, too! For a more complete listing, check out our Sitework Developing Services page.

  • Why does my basement leak after a heavy rain or big thaw?

     Some causes of basement leaks include blocked or damaged drainage pipes, clogged gutters, inadequate yard grading, failed sump pump, etc.  Other times, your exterior waterproofing system has failed and needs repaired or replaced. We’ve written an article about the 5 Most Common Causes of Wet Basements in Ohio you can read to learn more.  At Sitework Developing, when we assess your wet basement, we look at the entire picture, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

We believe Sitework Developing is the best excavation and waterproofing company near Cleveland because we understand how your drainage, sewer, waterproofing system, and grading all must work together to protect your foundation. We offer on-site evaluations and free estimates. Contact Sitework Developing today to get the best answers to your excavation and waterproofing questions in Northeast Ohio.

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