Exterior Basement Waterproofing System

If you have wet basement walls, you may be considering hiring at basement waterproofing company. Not only is Sitework Developing’s residential waterproofing system the best you can find in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s the best in the business period. Our 3-phase commercial-grade system comes with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Sitework Developing’s Waterproofing System Gives Your Home Three Layers of Waterproofing Protection

Before you hire a basement waterproofing company, make sure you understand what you’re paying for. Some systems only waterproof your home from the interior. Such systems rarely solve your full water, however. To explain, how water moves away from your house on the outside greatly impacts how effective any waterproofing system can be. As a result, simply applying waterproofing on the inside of your home rarely addresses the true source of your wet basement.

woman kneels in wet basement needs Sitework Developing diagnostics to determine causes of wet basement

Our residential waterproofing system, in contrast, focuses largely on waterproofing the exterior of your home.

Three Layers of Protection for Your Home’s Foundation

Our exterior basement waterproofing solution offers your home three layers of protection:

  • Foundation caulk-mastic seals foundation cracks
  • Rubber membrane repels and condensation moisture
  • Super seal dimpled membrane repels water

No interior-only approach can claim the same protection. In fact, they might disguise the problem for a while, allowing water outside to collect at the foundation. Out of sight does not mean problem solved, however.  In fact, the longer this problem goes unnoticed, the more likely it is to cause damage to your foundation. Foundation repairs get expensive quickly, so preventing them with a waterproofing system and proper drainage installation makes sense.

We don’t just install waterproofing systems. We diagnose and fix your true water problem.

At Sitework Developing, we don’t want to sell you a waterproofing system. Instead, we want to solve your water problems! A wet basement can have many different causes in Ohio. Sometimes that cause requires a new basement waterproofing system. Other times, though, a simpler solution can solve your wet basement troubles. That’s why we take a unique approach.  How water moves away from your house on the outside must be considered before installing a waterproofing system. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough investigation of your water problems. We’ll consider all the possible causes of water entering your home:

  • Clogged or broken gutters and downspouts.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best! Gutters and downspouts need to remain clean and free from debris in order to do their intended job: direct water into your main drainage pipe and away from your home.

  • Blocked or broken underground drainage pipes.

Your main drainage pipe lies underground, so it’s easy to miss when problems occur. Tree roots and silt can often block and even break these pipes over time. If either of these scenarios occur, water collect in your yard and soil, possibly reaching your foundation. Our camera snaking can quickly and easily find the exact location of the problem, and many pipe repairs can be completed the same day.

  • Inadequate yard grading.

The slope of your yard can either work for you or against you. Sloped the wrong way, your yard allows water to roll towards your home, towards your foundation. Sloped the right way, your yard helps direct the flow of water away from your home. Sitework Developing’s crew owns and maintains the excavation equipment needed to correct your inadequate yard grading, so your water problems get full resolution.

  • Failed or inadequate sump pump system.

If you have a sump pump in your basement, you may still experience water problems. For instance, if your sump pump fails, the excess water it usually pumps away from your home will back up into it. Similarly, if your sump pump is not the right size for the area being protected, a heavy rain or thaw could overwhelm it, causing excess water to back up. The experienced team at Sitework Developing can assess your sump pump needs install a new or upgraded system that can handle your home’s unique needs.

  • Dirty or broken footer tiles.

Footer tiles are pipes along the perimeter of your home. They lead to your sump pump and pit. Like your other underground drainage pipes, they can get clogged, dirty, or broken over time. When they do, they can cause water to collect at the seem of your basement floors. Again, Sitework developing can use camera snaking and jet snaking to diagnose such problems, and they can perform many fixes the same day.

  • Unsealed window wells.

During heavy rains or snow thaws, window wells can fill quickly. The pressure from the water can break seals and allow water to seep into your basement. If such a detail goes unfixed, your waterproofing system will not perform at its best.

  • Cracks in the foundation.

If water in the soil surrounding your foundation has caused your foundation to crack, these cracks must be addressed before you install any interior or exterior waterproofing system. Otherwise, the integrity of your home continues to be at risk, and your waterproofing efforts will do little good. As a full-service excavating and waterproofing company, Sitework Developing can fix your foundation cracks and more.

Basement Waterproofing with a Lifetime, Transferrable Warranty

We’re so confident in our system of diagnosing and correcting your home’s water problems that we offer the best warranty in the business. Our waterproofing systems come with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Why waterproofing your home is a smart investment.

Water problems are not just a nuisance. Repeat or continual water exposure can damage your home’s foundation. Sitework’s Waterproofing System protects your foundation’s integrity, avoiding more costly repairs in the future. And since our warranty is transferrable, the investment can add value to your home should you ever decide to sell. Choose Sitework Developing for the best basement waterproofing near Cleveland. Contact us for a free on-site estimate today!

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Don’t just install a waterproofing system. Solve the real cause of your water problems. Call Sitework Developing today.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Sitework Developing offers on-site consultations and a full range of excavation services. Our promise to you is to find the best solution to stop water from entering your home, even if that means simply fixing your downspouts.